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28 yrs, Un Married, RTNagar, India, Christian Converted Born Again, , Teacher I am a teacher in a reputed school, i live with my mother and my father is no more. I believe in the finished work ... >>
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31 yrs, Un Married, Rudrapur, India, Christian Born Again, Bsc Nursing, Not working Praise the Lord I have opened this profile on behalf of my sister Priyanka. She trusts on God as saviour and the ... >>
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27 yrs, Un Married, , India, Christian Catholic, , Engineer I am a 27 year old girl standing 5 ft in height and have a average build. I have completed my engineering and curre ... >>
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31 yrs, Un Married, hyderabad, India, Christian Born Again, , Not working In my family, all are born again believers. Need born again believer with great christian virtues. >>
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30 yrs, Un Married, Hubli, India, Christian Born Again, Diploma in hospital management, Doctor Physiotherapist, staunch christian, , traditional values, balanced approach, modern in thought . Looking for medica ... >>
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27 yrs, Un Married, Mumbai, India, Christian Pentecost, , Pharmacist Looking for a groom for my daughter. She has done Bachelor's in Pharmacy >>
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35 yrs, Divorced, Hyderabad, India, Christian Born Again, , Human Resources Professional Geetha working in software Company as HR.looking for Born again.interested in Ministry works.I am Devious.No children. >>
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30 yrs, Un Married, Riverhead, United States, Christian Born Again, BSC, Health Care Professional Am outgoing, personable, and very loving individual. i have a wide variety of interests including travel, watching ... >>
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34 yrs, Un Married, CHENNAI, India, Christian Born Again, Eng Lit/Journalism, Writer I'm a born-again Christian. Born into a Moslem family. Jesus is my all in all! When I gave up on life, betrayed, ab ... >>
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27 yrs, Un Married, Yonkers, United States, Christian Born Again, BSc. Nursing, studied in USA, Nurse A simple, God fearing girl, born in Kerala, migrated to US at the age of 15. Currently settled in NY. Completed BSN ... >>

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